Wall Systems

Since 1999 Arlen Company, partnered with Royal Distributing, has been the New England distributor of NUFORM Building Systems TM (formerly known as Royal Building Systems TM, or RBS). This CONFORM wall system is strong enough to withstand extreme weather elements. The end result for you is a permanent, pre-finished concrete wall that will not deteriorate, needs no paiting and is virtually maintenance free both inside and out.

The structure of the wall starts with a panel that has interlocking grooves which run along the edges. This enables the panels to slide together creating an interconnected wall. The walls are then erected by crane  and braced to the ground where they are then filled with concrete.

Each panel is approximately 3′ feet wide and come in a variety of insulated sizes including: 4″, 6″, and 8″ to help meet our customers needs.

This product can be used in residential and commercial applications including car washes, auto dealers, retail stores, farming structures, and many more construction designs. 

Royal Distributing LLC, has recently partnered with with another wall manufacturer based here in North America. Octaform wall systems are another great solution for water-proof, food safe wall construction. With their textured designs Octaform makes a great fit for barns, water sheds, vehicle washes and so much more. 

This PVC, concrete forming system is ideal for so many various applications. This product allows for curved walls which is great for any concrete tank.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on these industry changing wall systems. Please feel free to call the Royal Distriburting office at (603) 878-1799 to speak with a representative.